Nairn Walker - Keynote Speaker and Coach

Nairn Walker

Nairn has now worked across Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK with over one hundred thousand professionals to
– identify potential,
– highlight capacity and
– increase outcomes for individuals, organisations, schools and communities.

Committed to raising awareness, understanding and outcomes through sharing strategies that make a difference, her audiences include community and government practitioners, police and justice workers, doctors and dentists, nurses, allied health, housing, welfare, social service, youth and family support professionals, educators, employment agencies, churches, local, state and federal politicians, employers, businesses and corporations.

She first brought her mentor, internationally awarded Cheryl Watkins, to Australia 25 years ago and introduced MESH (Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Health) Support Group Facilitation Program, to the nation:  a powerful experiential model that continues to have a most positive and profound effect on participants of all ages through-out our country in business, schools and community agencies, and one of her very favourite workshops to conduct.

This led to her introducing another of her personal teachers, Dr Ruby Payne, to Australia back in 2000 for a series of training events which Nairn then continued to conduct for the next twenty years, sharing insights into the issues presented by economic diversity in every level of our communities, schools and businesses.

Her focus now is on Celebrating Capacity:  distilling all that she has learned from Cheryl, Ruby, Bernard and many other thought leaders and change agents to optimise outcomes for individuals and organisations in schools, workplaces, families and communities.

She has an exceptional ability to support people to recognise, harness, increase and celebrate all that people have to offer and apply these learnings in a practical way, and continues to conduct MESH trainings along with Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and tailor-made sessions to suit people’s needs.

Nairn Walker - Keynote Speaker and Coach

Nairn’s vocational background is in education and administration where she enjoyed a number of roles including Program and Campus Manager for disadvantaged and challenging youth and their families in Northern Tasmania, and time spent on the regional Behaviour Support Team. She also spent several years representing Australian Scholarships Group to deliver YCDI! Education to schools.

Nairn has a strong interest and over thirty years’ experience in community development and a passionate commitment to social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  To this end, she co-founded and chaired the Mt Arthur Centre in Tasmania for five years, dedicated to individual and community well-being and has held a number of other Directorial positions on community boards with organisations such as HeadSpace and Rotary.

She taught Equity and Social Justice at the University of Tasmania (School of Education) for several years, and (usually!) revels in being mother to teenagers Marley, Daisy and Hamish.

Nairn loves her role as a trainer and consultant with Social Solutions and is truly committed to their mission – Educating for a positive now.

Nairn Walker

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Nairn has worked across a broad range of Industries