Recognising relationship patterns to create even better teams

Optimising Outcomes for Practitioners & Their Teams,
Agencies & Organisations

Healthy Boundaries | Healthy Interactions

This workshop explores a range of elements necessary to ensure a culture of trust, support and optimal productivity in the workplace.
Recognising dysfunctional dynamics and exploring respectful ways to maintain the Empowerment Cycle, rather than be sucked into the drama triangle, identifying and addressing double binds and maintaining a culture of high expectation are all crucial tools that support people’s confidence to maintain integrity, have the difficult conversations and keep morale happy and high.

This session will support practitioners and services to be able to identify even more effectively the operational patterns people often unconsciously engage that can impact workplace wellbeing. It will explore a framework to bring awareness to – and strategies that optimise – interactional patterns necessary to create healthy, functional and beneficial outcomes for individual practitioners, their teams and their organisations.

This intensive workshop explores key constructs for understanding human behaviour to inform workplace practice and relationships, increase engagement, optimise employee efficacy and satisfaction, and improve outcomes.
Participants will identify key principles of practice and apply the material to their personal and professional settings and individual and organisational frameworks.

This training is designed for practitioners, community organisations, law enforcement, counsellors, employment agencies, health care professionals, church communities, social service providers, welfare agencies and community leaders; for people working in every field where human interaction takes place.

Nairn has worked across a broad range of Industries