harnessing resources to create even better outcomes

Optimising Outcomes for Children & Families, Agencies & Organisations
Strong Connections | Strong Communities

When the families we work alongside and the communities we serve engage in behaviours that are considered difficult in mainstream settings, it may not be immediately recognised that for all the challenge this may cause, they have usually also developed an enormous amount of initiative and resource to navigate their daily reality.

This workshop supports practitioners and services to be able to identify even more effectively the capacity that clients have, and ways to harness this to increase competence & create beneficial outcomes for individuals, children, families, practitioners and organisations.

This intensive workshop explores key constructs for understanding human behaviour to inform strategies, increase engagement, optimise program design, policies, and procedures to improve outcomes.

Participants will identify key principles of practice and apply the material to their personal and professional settings and individual and organisational frameworks.

This training is designed for practitioners, case managers and policy makers, community organisations, law enforcement, counsellors, employment agencies, health care professionals, church communities, social service providers, welfare agencies and community leaders.

Nairn has worked across a broad range of Industries